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Navigating Sales and Marketing Automation in 2019

Published March 27, 2019 - 0 Comments

Sales and Marketing Automation

Navigating Sales and Marketing Automation in 2019

Mathew is the passionate person behind Cliimb, where we will discuss and review all things sales and marketing automation. Our goal is to help small to medium size businesses navigate through the complicated and sometimes confusing sales and marketing automation software as a service (saas) tools. We believe 2019 is the year for sales and marketing automation, if you aren’t already knee-deep with your automation, then you need to think seriously about how you can change this.

Are you thinking of these Marketing Automations that show ROI in 24 hours

  1.  New Client onboarding
  2. Abandoned cart (even if you don’t have a shopping cart)
  3. Generating new leads & follow up

Why this three particular automation?

Because they address the most profitable stages of your sales funnel, starting with the people already spending money with you:

New client onboarding provides an exceptional welcome to people who recently purchased from you, so you’re likely to retain them as clients longer
Abandoned cart targets people who have shown interest in spending money with you, but were interrupted or possibly have objections
Generating new leads & follow up provides a steady flow of potential clients for the previous two points. After all, where is it these new clients and abandoned cart prospects come from?

[Source ActiveCampaign]

Is that not enough reason to start thinking seriously about Marketing Automation.

By focusing on the three primary automation, you will start to qualify your leads more successfully and therefore filter out prospects not ready to buy or never buy from you at all. Chris Baggot from Email Marketing by the Numbers once said: “a customer more likely to purchase from you is the customer that has already purchased from you before.” Buy focusing on your existing customers you are forcing yourself to nurture them by providing more personalised and relevant products and services via the sales and marketing automation tools you implement.

Do you agree with these challenges? Sales and Marketing Automation Challenges 2019

[Source Hubspot]

Did you notice the number 1 challenge businesses are having is to generate more traffic and leads?

Do you know how?

We at Cliimb do, set yourself up with a kickass sales and marketing automation strategy, and you’ll likely see yourself with more traffic, more leads, resulting in more conversions.

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